Bitcoin as the hardest money is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

Holding bitcoin is absolutely critical in order to protect and grow your wealth due to it being the hardest money. I would expect anyone giving it serious evaluation to have tons of questions but the only way to really "get it" is to educate yourself about the nature of money. I recomment everyone who is interested in understanding money to read the Bitcoin Standard.
Hardness in this context refers to the ability for the money supply to be inflated thereby devaluing the purchasing power of those that hold the money as savings.
Historically the hardest money has been gold however Bitcoin has recently surpassed gold in terms of hardness. Saifdean covers it in great detail in The Bitcoin Standard however he summarizes the main concept in his Vienna talk (he has a good example of monetary hardness around 11:50).
Government (Fiat) money is soft money in that central banks have no limits on the amount of money they are willing or able to print and in doing so they reduce everyone else's purchasing power who hold their savings in government currency.
The US dollar used to be limited in supply because it was pegged to gold meaning you could trade your dollar for a set weight of physical gold. That is no longer the case which means they have no limitations on the amount of money they are able to print. Unlimited dollars chasing a fixed amount of goods and services leads to price inflation. This is reflected in the rising cost of consumer goods, education, health care, housing, etc.
Eventually with unchecked inflation you get situations, where a society's purchasing power has been completely destroyed due to devaluation of the currency to the point where you need a wheelbarrow of money just to buy goods at market.
Present situation in Venezuela, money left in the street
This is what happens when money becomes worthless from hyperinflation and while we aren't there yet in most developed nations it is only a matter of time.
People who do not take steps to protect themselves from unchecked inflation will find their savings has evaporated in purchasing power even though their bank balance stays the same. Given the current multi-trillion dollar money printing environment we find ourselves in I don't believe have ever seen a more bullish setup for Bitcoin.
And if you want to talk future projections PlanB's Stock to Flow Cross Asset model is really driving the discussion on the recent set point change to $288k with the recent halving.
PlanB also appeared last week on a great podcast with Saifedean Ammous the author of the Bitcoin Standard and person who brought the concept of Stock to Flow properties of hard money to the forefront. I would highly recommend giving it a listen.
An interactive version of his updated model can be found here.
Tons of great resources here as well: 1. 2. 3. 4.
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R/sportsbook survey

Good evening my fellow degenerates.
Two years ago there was a sportsbook survey that I stumbled upon. You can find the results Here . I think these results gave a decent idea of the users here, and I figured it'd be good to get an update on that.
If you would like to fill out the survey, the link is Here
Last time there were 500 respondents, so if we can get to that number, that'd be sick. This is my first survey I've ever created, so if there's any issues, feel free to let me know.
Also, please do upvote this for my karma so this stays relevant for sportsbook . I will share the results at the end of this week, just in time for Sunday football :)
So I've made a few edits. In order to see the nice data sets, you can't have it as short answer. Otherwise, it's a wall of text to sift through. I can make it a piechart into google forms, but even then, due to the uniqueness of answers, it's a wide array of colors. I still have all the individual answers shown, but it's about 30 differnet colors in one chart.
Instead, I've made it another multiple choice, with the top answers being the first four choices & then the option of other. So, without further ado, here are your finalists.
For the sports team / player that gives most grief this gives us : Rockets (by a wide margin lol), Cowboys, Clippers, & 76ers. (Flyers, Arsenal, Titans, Colts, Falcons, Islanders all have 3)
For the Capper question : We have Bob, Chasingpayments, YBK, Sidekick, Myself, and None.
For the Sportsbook question: Bovada, Draftkings, Fanduel, Personal bookie, bet365
I still have the array of colors, but hopefully this makes it look a little cleaner. Regardless, you can still see the individual answers if you hover over the graph.
As of right now, we are currently sitting at 1000 responses! This community has truly grown. Some of my favorite answers are : Meat popsicle for gender, Jarrett Culver not staying home for grief, and Jameis Winston & has bad eye sight.
Lastly, I will also give the spreadsheet that I exported it to so we can all view.
Thanks again for everyone's participation
One last edit : As per the 36 responses, here is the link to my bitcoin wallet Here
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Bitcoin Shown To Spectators in Arsenal vs Watford Post Match Press Conference

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Bitcoin Shown To Spectators in Arsenal vs Watford Post Match Press Conference

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Reasons why everyone is using Bitcoin to bet on Arsenal

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Ideas and suggestions to make Tarkov better from a “new” Players perspective

I’m a new player and I started playing EFT about 2 weeks after this wipe.It was one of the worst and best experiences I had in this game. I played the game solo and it took me about 4 months to get lvl 40 and my Kappa container. It was an amazing experience and very very fun! (Sorry Nikita) At the moment I have 900 hours in the game with about a 45% survivor rate and 40 million Rubles in the bank.
BUT…… the moment I got my Kappa case, I was instantly bored.
This is my 2 cents about how to extend the game and have less giga chads running around 2 week after wipe.
I’m very good at solving problems and making systems more efficient. I do this as a job. So what I respect the most is the developers time, energy and money. Every idea is very easy to implement and requires minimum development time. The amounts and levels can vary and it’s not set in stone. BTW English is not my first language, so sorry in advance for the ganky grammar.
I do not think the Flea Market should be removed. There went too much time in development that if you remove it, it would be seen as a loss of resources and money. I don’t think the problem is that you can buy anything on the flea market. I think the problem lays with higher tier amor & bullets being available on the flea from level 10.
Tarkov Ideas: - Change anything that requires euros to dollars. - Gate every single bullet that has 35+ penetration and class 5+ helmets & armor behind the traders and they can only be bought with euro's. - Found in raid 35+ penetration rounds and class 5+ cannot be sold on the flea market. - You can't trade euro's anymore for rubbles. - You can only acquire euros in dailies & Weekly quests (coming soon). - You can also find euros in safes and savs as you do right now. - Reserve map locked until lvl 15 or Bunker Part 1 quest. - Labs map locked until you are lvl 35 or Huntsman Path Eraser - Part 2 quest. - Crafting time for 35+ penetration bullets should be days not hours and you get half the amount they are now.
Make the game early game last longer: - Remove Gamma from EOD Users I’m a EOD User myself. I updated 1 month after starting to play the game because I enjoyed it so much! But getting the Gamma early wipe is too OP IMO. You already get a stash size worth 30 Million Rubles and an arsenal to beat standard account players into the ground.
Fun ideas (Sorry Nikita): - Make Prestige 1 dog tags gold. - Make Prestige 2 dog tags black. - The same way you can see melee weapons on players, you can also see the pouch they are using and what’s in it. - Remove The stylish one quest from the task and add it to the service tab of Ragman. - Make Killa 3x deadlier. Killa is the only boss that is solo yet he is one of the easier bosses to kill. Give Killa a lot more health than Gluhar and make him 3x more deadlie crazier.
This is what I envisioned. Can you also see it? Everyone running around with trash armor & bullets and beating each other with garbage and sticks? Altyns and Slicks are very rare to see and when you see them you are scared and excited at the same time? The kill time is up-ed a bit which makes for more exciting fights.
You don’t have to like or agree with everything, but if you like at least some ideas like the post so more people can see it and have more suggestions and discussion. I hope a developer or Nikita sees this post. I really like the prestige idea and would like to know what they think about it.
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Technical Analysis: Bear market prepares arsenal to down the bulls

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Arsenal FC Explores Crypto With Partner Sportsbet.io

Read More: https://coinquora.com/arsenal-fc-explores-crypto-with-partner-sportsbet-io/

#CoinQuora #CQNews #CryptoNews #Bitcoin #ArsenalFC #ICO
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[OFFER] (Last time posting here!) Need anything written? Blog Writer, Fiction Writer, Script Writer (for podcasts and YouTube videos) and Author for only $0.03 per word!

Hello there! Thanks for taking time to read this.
My name is Farhan. I have published two books last year out of which one is a 260-odd page novel that talks about YA Mental Health Issues and the other is a YA Romance novel that spans about 150-odd pages. It's titled Sunflower and Notes on Eunoia respectively. I was also my high school magazine's editor.
I have attended various writing workshops and have also interned for one of the leading newspaper organisation in the country.
My niche mostly includes tech reviews (mostly gadgets but occasionally software or app related), sports (soccer articles, transfer news) and a very deep insight and analysis of current affairs.
I keep up with current trends amongst teenagers and also active in most social media sites. I am also open to writing novels/stories related to sci-fi, romance, YA-related and fantasy.
I am personally looking for long term jobs/contracts (i.e:- writing for blogs and websites) but would take anything that comes in my way.
I am open to writing articles related to tech, world news, general articles (most likely gaming, gadget review etc.) - basically any niche that you'd like me to write about! :)
I'd ideally like to work on a long time contract but I'd take anything that comes my way!
Here are a couple of samples:-
  1. Sample - Places that Arsenal needs to bolster to become title challengers
  2. Sample - Redmi 7 Review
  3. Sample - Is the PS3 worth it in 2020?
  4. Sample - The Makings Of An Artist Podcast - Bruno Mars
  5. Sample - 7 Reasons Companies and Party Planners Are Switching To Virtual Events
So, if you are interested, please do let me know! I can assure you that I can do justice to whatever it is that you'd like and provide top-notch and phenomenal writing pieces. I can promise a quick turnaround time! Please send a message request, NOT a chat request.
Here's to a professional and mutually benefitting partnership! Cheers! :)
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Bitcoin Becomes Part Of North Korea's Geopolitical Arsenal

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: "Net spend since 2014/15: Man City - £569m Man Utd - £503m Arsenal - £264m #LFC - £178m Keep telling yourself Liverpool is buying the league. It makes me smile to hear/read such nonsense and only conf /r/LiverpoolFC

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Arsenal have become the first major team in world football to officially partner with a cryptocurrency. /r/Gunners

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Arsenal have become the first major team in world football to officially partner with a cryptocurrency /r/soccer

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Bitcoin news: Arsenal signs cryptocurrency deal in world first

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(Figaro) Facebook bannit les publicités pour le bitcoin, les cryptomonnaies et les ICO | Par un arsenal de nouvelles mesures, le réseau social affirme vouloir éviter à ses membres bon nombre d'escroqueries.

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Arsenal signs crypto-currency deal /r/unitedkingdom

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Win 100 FREE Entrance on Invincible JackMate

Mates, Mates, Mates
Champions Leagues Starts Tomorrow. So, We have a game for you to play.
Guess All 29 games results (1 X 2) and WIN BIG - 10 Bitcoins, this is about 100 000$ we are talking
Usually, entrance costs some coins, but today you have a chance to get JackMate Invincible's Free Entrance. I will post a question here and first 100 redditors to answer it correctly, will get a free entrance to our contest. If you are not registered, no worries, registration is one-minute job and doesn't require any credit card or sensitive data.
So, the question is: Who scored most goals for Arsenal on Champions League in Invincible Season (2003-04)?
First 100 to make a right guess, will win free opt-in competition.
To qualify, please write a name of a Arsenal Player and your username on FortuneJack in responses. 
Ready to become Invincible? There is 10 Bitcoins Grand Prize or lots and lots of streak prizes.

Jump on board,
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A breakdown of the aelf blockchain whitepaper — Part 2

A breakdown of the aelf blockchain whitepaper — Part 2


Breaking down the aelf side-chain

Cloud computing, parallel processing, and AEDPoS have greatly improved the execution performance of any kind of smart contract, but when they are applied to enterprise-level scenarios, new problems crop up. To begin with, in software design, it is a rather bad idea to program all the methods in the same class. We always write a series of classes to inherit a base class, in order to decouple the functionalities and make the class extensible whenever needed. The same also applies to blockchain design. Second, since all the data and transactions are accessible to anyone through a blockchain explorer, if we put the smart contract and data of different enterprises or government sectors on a single blockchain, then everyone can see them, which means there will be no data privacy. Although there are encryption techniques which can mask data, such as zero knowledge proof, it is always better to put the data of different enterprises on different blockchains.
Based on these considerations, long before other projects even realized it, aelf proposed that side-chain technology should be applied to this scenario. Unfortunately, for someone who is new to blockchain, it is almost impossible to understand how side-chain works. Side-chain is not what it literally means, it is not subordinate to the main chain. On the contrary, a side chain is a blockchain distributed system with the same functions and nodes as a main chain (say, the aelf blockchain). As mentioned above, we can put the data of different enterprises on different blockchains. This means we can build many blockchains, and work magic (of course not magic in its literal sense) to make these chains connect to the aelf main chain (in fact, we can call any of these blockchains a main chain and the rest side chains). Currently, the most popular method of connecting any two blockchains, which we also call cross-chain, is using a middle-man. When we want to use bitcoin to play a decentralized game on Ethereum, we need to send a transaction with some amount of bitcoin to a locking bitcoin address, then the middle-man will exchange the locked BTC for ETH at a certain exchange rate and allocate to you the equivalent amount of ETH on Ethereum, which you can use for playing games.
But in aelf, we use a metadata indexing method, which is more straightforward. Unlike other projects who built on the blockchains of those already successful projects (such as Ethereum or the HyperLedger fabric framework for consortium blockchains), the aelf team has writen all the code and build the infrastructure from scratch. From the beginning, the aelf team has defined how the data structure of a blockchain, a block, a transaction etc. should look like in C#. In an aelf blockchain data structure, there is an attribute called blockchain ID, which is a unique hash; and in block data structure, there are several attributes called blockchain ID , Merkle tree root and related side chain block list. There is also one more important thing: all of aelf’s data structures are serialized and stored in Redis (a popular key-value pair database system), so is the side chain information. As a result, as the aelf main chain is growing with block production by BPs, other side chains can send transactions to cross-chain contracts, which then execute the related code to connect to the main chain’s network port and request the main chain to index the side chain block and pay the indexing fee.
The core issue here is how to index a side chain: when a main chain (the block data structure on the main chain, or the data records with main chain ID in Redis), receives a request from a side chain, it adds the side chain’s block head data structure to the related side chain block list, which means theoretically we have indexed or related a side chain. We have mentioned that there is also a blockchain ID in each block, this attribute allows a main chain to index blocks from different side chains. When a user on a main chain wants to access data on a side chain or vise versa, they just need to find the target block on the main chain and its related side chain block list, and then find the target block on the side chain via key indexing.
As we will explain later, blockchains for different application scenarios generate blocks at different speeds. Under such circumstances, a chain with slower speed might index many blocks from a chain that produces blocks faster. This method can be applied to scenarios such as forking.
In practice, we can build any number of blockchains, and relate it via indexing to the aelf main chain, with a specific category of smart contracts running on each of them. For example, we can allow only banking-related smart contracts deployed on a specific blockchain, and e-commerce smart contracts on another. Our whitepaper summarizes it best:
One chain, one contract.
Moreover, the indexing method can make many blockchains into a hierarchical tree structure, the root being the so-called main chain. That’s because a related blockchain can then again index another blockchain as its side chain, and the process can keep going on. Logically, this is in perfect accordance with hierarchical taxonomy, for example, the financial sector has many subcategories, such as banking, lending, investment and insurance, and under investment banking, there are venture capital, investment bank etc… Each subcategory is supported by an indexed blockchain.
So how do these blockchains collaborate in a distributed system? First we need to be know that any node in a distributed system is just a software instance running on your computer, or a process. In TCP/IP, a node is allocated a port number, so we can run any number of this type of instances on a computer. However, each instance has its own port number: we can run several blockchain nodes, one IPFS node, one bit-torrent node and etc. simultaneously. In aelf, you should first start a main chain instance, and then you can build and run a side chain instance. Transactions broadcast on the side chain are collected by the BP nodes (block production nodes) on the main chain. When smart contracts deployed on the side chain is triggered, the BP and full nodes on the main chain will run them.

Aelf — a blockchain based operating system

To perfect the design of our software system, aelf made the system extensible, flexible and pluggable. Just as there are thousands of Linux OS with only one Linux kernel. As Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin has explained, Ethereum can be seen as a world computer because there are lots of smart contracts running on it, and the contract execution results are consistent in all the distributed systems around the world. This idea is also embedded in aelf’s system and we call it a “blockchain infrastructure operating system”, or a distributed operating system.
Just like any OS, aelf has a kernel and a shell. In fact, aelf’s kernel is not something like a Linux kernel, it is just an analogy. There is a special concept in aelf’s kernel called the minimum viable blockchain system, which defines the most fundamental aspect of a blockchain. If a developer wants to create a new blockchain system or a new blockchain project, he does’t have to start from scratch, instead, he can directly extend and customize using the aelf blockchain open-source code. The technologies described above are all included in the minimum viable blockchain system. With these, anyone can customize:
  • Block property: block data structure, block packaging speed, transaction data structure, etc.
  • Consensus type: AEDPoS is used by default, but you can also use incentive consensus, like PoW and PoS. And you can also use the consensus of traditional distributed systems, like PoS and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, or PBFT. In fact, the f evil nodes of 3f+1 nodes are the upper limit for any distributed system to reach a consensus, which is called the Byzantine Fault Tolerance, or BFT. In order to do this, there is a specific algorithm, but in 1999, a much more efficient algorithm to reach this consensus came along, that is the PBFT. In scenarios like private blockchain or consortium blockchain where there is no need for a incentive model, PBFT will be a good option.
  • Smart contract collection: In aelf, there are many predefined smart contracts that can be used directly by other contracts, such as token contract, cross-chain contract (also called CCTP, or cross chain transfer protocol), consensus contract, organization voting contracts, etc. Of course, you can also create your own contract with a brand new implementation logic.
  • Others.


So this is our breakdown of the aelf blockchain whitepaper. In previous articles, we first introduced two basic concepts which are often misinterpreted by other articles. After helping you get these two concepts straight, we then introduced aelf’s vast arsenal of powerful technology. If these articles helped you understand the aelf blockchain better, then I have reached my goal. But I must advise you to read the whitepaper for a more detailed explanation. With all this knowledge at your disposal, I believe you will be much more comfortable developing DApps on aelf.
Check Part 1 here: https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/a-breakdown-of-the-aelf-blockchain-whitepaper-part-1-a63fc2e3e2e7
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Bitcoin Becomes Part Of North Korea's Geopolitical Arsenal

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Bitcoin Becomes Part Of North Korea’s Geopolitical Arsenal

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the aelf WhitePaper (Part 1)

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the aelf WhitePaper (Part 1)

In the Bingo game DApp demo, we’ve already talked about the aelf real random number generator, which can generate unpredictable random numbers between 0 and 255, making it a useful tool. The interaction logic of this DApp’s backend is very much the same as that of blockchain smart contract. But this DApp is so simple that it doesn’t really show what aelf is capable of. In fact, aelf’s got an awful lot more in its arsenal. When it comes to supporting enterprise-level applications, this is where aelf comes in. For someone who is new to aelf, the best way to aquaint yourself with aelf’s technology is to read the aelf technical whitepaper.

If you have read the whitepaper of some blockchain projects, you might find them difficult to understand or even make no sense. As a result, readers (not speculators) are often at a loss as to what these projects are trying to do. Unfortunately, many projects often assume their readers are all experts and can understand the whitepapers with no difficulty. In reality, most blockchain projects are much more complex than Bitcoin. Therefore, if readers only know how Bitcoin works, they still cannot understand these projects’ whitepapers. If you want to draw potential developers to your platform, it is necessary to provide a beginner’s guide to understanding your whitepaper.
That’s why we have prepared this guide. But before reading this guide, you can quickly go through our website, read our slogan, watch the promo video on the homepage, download the whitepaper and before long, you may find something you cannot understand. Don’t worry, let’s start with aelf’s slogan:
Aelf, a Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network
Cloud computing is the most fundamental feature driving the entire aelf blockchain ecosystem. Running data intensive computation on multiple computers is obviously more cost-effective than on one mainframe computer. Suppose these computers are assembled in a huge building called data center, say thousands of computers, with professional maintenance by a company, say, Amazon, then these data centers are called a cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Having said that, it is still hard for a beginner to understand why cloud computing gives aelf an indispensable edge. This is because most people, including some in the blockchain sector, don’t have a sound knowledge of some of blockchain’s key concepts. As a result, it is difficult for them to move on to the more complex technology, let alone analyze the pros and cons of a blockchain project and its potentials. As far as I know, I think it is necessary to set the record straight on two important blockchain concepts.

What is a blockchain?

This is nonsense! We all know blockchain is a tamper-proof distributed ledger or database technology, as any professional would explain to you. You most probably have memorized this definition by heart and would rattle it off whenever someone asks you what blockchain is. The truth is, this definition is very misleading. Blockchain is not a new invention, nor does it have any magical features (for example: the magical tamper-proof feature). In this sense, it is different from the magical stuff in an alchemist’s furnace. Instead of viewing blockchain as a ledger or database, it is better to see it as a distributed system. So what is a distributed system?
A distributed system is a large number of interconnected computers, which makes it a peer-to-peer system. It was invented around 1960, long before the advent of Internet. There are already a lot of well-known distributed-system-based softwares, such as Bit-torrent and Netflix. In these softwares, people can upload the files on their computers to the P2P network and anyone can download them. But a distributed system can do much more. In the distributed system discipline, people have to solve a big problem, that is, everyone (every node) in the P2P network need to make an unanimous decision no matter what information they receive, and this unanimous decision is what we call a consensus, and this problem is called the Byzantine General Problem.
Say there are three Byzantine generals wanting to attack the same fortress, and they are at three different locations, they could only rely on couriers to send messages. In this situation, any general can only make a decision based on the other two generals’ messages. If one general wants to attack, he let couriers send the “attack” message to the other two generals, so do the other two generals. If the generals are all loyal, each of them should receive “attack, attack” coming from other two generals, and all three generals would attack the fortress. But if one of them is a traitor, he could send one general “attack” and send the other “retreat”, this other general will receive “attack, retreat”, if he follows majority rule, he will not make a decision because the votes on attack and retreat are the same. At the same time, the other general will attack, and the result is that these three generals will not reach a consensus on attack.
The generals are just like the nodes of a distributed system (i.e. blockchain). There are at least two points worth noting: first, all massages (transactions), have to be sent to the other generals (nodes) to keep them informed; second, all the nodes have to reach a consensus.

The first point means that it takes time for sending a message to all the nodes in a huge network, the second means that after a new block has been broadcast to the entire network, there should be a mechanism for all the nodes to agree on this block (a package of messages or logs), and it also takes time.
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Streaming industry news and highlights - week of July 27, 2020

Google Stadia began very limited testing this week on what may be the dream convergence of live-streaming and gaming. Twitch has teamed up with non-profit Cxmmunity to introduce esports and gaming to more and younger minorities in a bid to boost their participation later in life. Crypto enthusiasts and musicians have cause for celebration this week, as Twitch is showing both some love in August. And chess is the latest to benefit from the Coronavirus pandemic, as big name streamers and content creators give the classic a big boost across several platforms.
These and other stories in TL;DR form below, with links back home to all the latest live-streaming news.
As a reminder, we dive deep on select stories each week on what’s quickly becoming the top podcast for the live-streaming industry. Enjoy!
Google Stadia’s promise of YouTube live-streaming may be coming true
TL;DR - Google has finally begun testing of an integrated YouTube live-streaming application within Google Stadia. Additionally, it’s kicking off testing of its Crowd Play feature which it teased at GDC last year. With Crowd Play, viewers can queue up via YouTube to play with the streamer directly. The test pool is very limited at the moment, and Google isn’t being too forthcoming with additional information.
Twitch strikes content deal with top EU soccer clubs
TL;DR - Twitch landed new streaming deals this week with Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and Arsenal - four of the top soccer clubs in Europe. The sports club will work with Twitch to broadcast behind-the-scenes content and even possible non-league appearances. All four of the deals are meant to drive more content into Twitch’s recently launched, dedicated Sports directory.
New Twitch initiative aims to boost minority youth esports participation
TL;DR - Twitch and Cxmmunity have joined forces to get more minority youth involved with esports and gaming. The first effort between the streaming platform and the nonprofit organization will establish an esports league for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Beneficiaries will be granted scholarships and other forms of educational support through the Twitch Student program. The overarching goal is to introduce people of more diverse backgrounds to jobs in gaming and esports by preparing them at a younger age. The first matches in the newly created league kicked off on August 2nd.
Crypto-users can now subscribe at a discount on Twitch
TL;DR - Cryptocurrencies have endured an on-again, off-again relationship with Twitch since they were formally incorporated back in 2014. However, this week Twitch announced it’s offering a 10% discount to all subscriptions purchased using either bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, XRP, USDC, GUSD, PAX, or BUSD.
The Coronavirus pandemic has created a chess streaming renaissance
TL;DR - Add chess to the list of unlikely benefactors from the Coronavirus pandemic. Viewership on both Twitch and YouTube has surged, with over 350M views on YouTube alone since January. Chess has consistently remained in the top twenty on Twitch, with viewership growing from 3M to 8M from March to May. More popular streamers playing the game certainly hasn’t hurt either. xQc, LIRIK, and others aimed their already massive audiences at the game, giving it a huge boost.
Twitch makes August its official Music Month
TL;DR - Music continues to dominate on Twitch, now claiming an entire month dedicated to the category. Daily for the duration of August, Twitch will feature an artist on the front page representing a range of different musical styles and genres. Additionally, the platform has launched what it's calling the Community Development Program dedicated to “showcase the diverse creators” that make up the category. Participants will enjoy six weeks of best practices, and education meant to help them improve their channels. And, Viewers of Twitch’s Streamscape! show in August can expect to see more musical talent featured throughout.
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Arsenal is the first major sporting team to enter into a sponsorship deal with a cryptocurrency. ... In an ICO the issuing company accepts a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or Ether, in exchange ... Arsenal’s highest-earner stepped in on Tuesday with an offer to pay Quy’s wages: Ozil has made a classy gesture to save the job of one of Arsenal’s longest-serving employees. Source: Twitter Ozil’s Gesture Won’t Mend Arsenal Rift. The gesture is a classy one from Mesut Ozil, but it won’t mend his rift with Arsenal. Bitcoin News Network. Resources. Bitcoin Calculator; Bitcoin Price Converter; Ethereum Profit Calculator; Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase; ... What is Ethereum (ETH)? What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Best Bitcoin Wallets; Log In; CATEGORY. Arsenal /r/btc /under30; #MeToo; $1.4 million; $100K; $10K; $20 Billion; $200 million; $204 Million; $21.6M; $25 ... Arsenal Commercial Director, ... About Bitcoin PR Buzz: Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the crypto press release distribution needs of blockchain start-ups for over 8 years. In a recent article in The Guardian, three Arsenal players are seen holding a shirt with CashBet printed on the back and a BBC report, available here, suggests that Arsenal FC will promote CashBet (and, specifically, the upcoming CashBet ICO) and the club’s home games.

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